viernes, 4 de abril de 2008




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Shogun´s emporium dijo...

North Wind has taken over the city
and time is only for the living ones
for is has been almost four hundred years
and this hands are harsh after making plans
I have always wanted to run away,
the last time I saw the sea was in an old movie
They found her sleeping in a branch
or maybe lost in some big town
found that her soul was gone with the wind,
flying far away
It pains me so much to think in all those
vals that I miss without you here with me
Tamed pain to find some bad sleeping
with fearless princes in golden dreams
I have always wanted to run away,
inside me, I cannot cry out loud
They found her...
I have the feeling of a fateful truth
that runs into my mind without choice.
I´m falling sleep but I must clean
tomorrow I must be done with all love
Weabe the days, down the cloths
filled with all the children I used to love
They found her...
The princess left with a big smile
with all her body rusted of making love for all
They found her...

Shogun´s emporium dijo...
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Ester García dijo...

Hola Mar! Soy Ester, coincidimos el otro día en la reunión de APIM. Espero que nos veamos en próximas, fue muy interesante! Si un día te apetece un café avísame, sería estupendo poder intercambiar experiencias.

Un abrazo!